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Optionally a print cartridge further comprising at least one ink reservoir for supplying ink to the printhead, the at least one ink reservoir comprising.Optionally the printhead forms part of a replaceable cartridge.In the first mode, the image data is decompressed by the host processor and supplied to MoPEC for transfer directly to the HCU.More importantly, it is able to prove to a Netpage server that it is being used to interact with a valid medium by providing the server with a copy of the media identifier and one or both of the digital signatures (or fragments thereof).The drive shaft 178 has a rubber coating to enhance its grip on the medium 226.Documents to be printed must be in the form of dot data by the time they reach the printhead.A mechanical or optical sensor (or combination thereof) can be used to determine when this has happened.It is also possible to omit either of the first or second optical paths, with corresponding removal of the capabilities offered by those paths.The Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Networking Guide documents relevant information regarding the configuration and administration of network interfaces,.

Ideally the padding is simply a random number, and must then be stored in the authentication database indexed by ID.A Netpage printer normally prints the tags which make up the surface coding on demand, i.e. at the same time as it prints graphic page content.The crankshaft is connected to a first crank 274 and a second crank 276, which are angularly spaced from each other.Optionally the printer is configured to print coded data onto the print medium along with the visual layout represented by the dot data.Further, by using semiconductor material for all components the entire assembly may be manufactured using semiconductor fabrication techniques.The card can be coded to allow the printer to determine both the Netpage identifier and a unique digital signature associated with the Netpage identifier.The coding can be disposed on or in the card so as to render it substantially invisible to an unaided human eye.If the tag sensor is operable during the entire printing phase at a sufficiently high sampling rate, then it can also be used to perform accurate motion sensing, with the motion data being used to provide a line synchronisation signal to the print engine.The printer can gain access to data track information prior to printing by transporting the card 226 in a forward direction past the data track optical encoder 442, decoding some or all of the data track 436, and then transporting the card back to its starting position.

Optionally the print medium further including second coded data that encodes second information, the first information being indicative of the second information.The DRAM subsystem 1302, and in particular the DRAM Interface Unit (DIU), arbitrates the various requests and determines which request should win access to the DRAM.Optionally the data track encodes first information in addition to the orientation indicator.

Using a single drive shaft and media guide is significantly more compact than an opposed pair of media drive rollers.Optionally the decoding step includes determining a position of the print medium relative to the first sensor at the time the coded data was sensed, based at least partly on the determined location.Optionally the drive mechanism is a passive mechanism with a drive shaft for engaging the print media and driving it past the inkjet printhead.In a first aspect the present invention provides a method of using a mobile device to print onto a print medium, the mobile device comprising.If the object ID obtained from the signature matches the object ID in the tag then the object is considered authentic.

Provided the print path is non-reflective in the absence of a print medium, there is no need to introduce a shutter into the internal imaging path.Optionally the at least one other fluid includes infrared ink.The Netpage module 8 enables interaction between the mobile phone 1 and a page 10 including Netpage tags.After compositing, the resultant image is dot formatted 662, which includes ordering dots for output to the printhead and taking into account any spatial or operative compensation issues, as described in more detail below.This allows the printhead to print graphics rotated to match the rotation of pre-printed graphics on the back.Optionally the mobile device includes a transmitter and a receiver, the method comprising.Specify, whether UTF8 character encoding shall be used for character array attributes and PINs.However, the relative displacement of the attachment points of the passive beams and actuator beam respectively to the lever arm causes a twisting movement that causes the lever arm 8018 to move generally downwards.

These fingers 230 are biased against the drive shaft 178 so that when the card 226 enters the slot 214, as shown in FIG. 14, the fingers guide it to the drive shaft 178.In a first aspect the present invention provides a method of retrieving and storing a ringtone in a mobile telecommunications device, the method comprising the steps, performed in the mobile telecommunications device, of.Optionally the replaceable cartridge includes at least one sensor for sensing coded data on print medium intended to be used with the printer.Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. # List the size (in human readable form) of all sub folders from the current loc ation du -h --max-depth=1.Optionally a cartridge comprising a capping mechanism for capping the printhead when it is not in use.However, the feed roller must be immediately before the printhead (in terms of media feed direction) so that the trailing edge of the media carries past the printhead by momentum.For example, the short signature may be a random number explicitly recorded by the authentication server, indexed by the media identifier.As such MEMS based inkjets have a lower power consumption compared to such printers, which makes them attractive for use in portable devices where available power is limited.Optionally the capping mechanism is configured such that the capper is displaced in the feed direction as it moves from the capped position to the uncapped position.

This, in turn, affects the torque of the drive shaft 178 and therefore the force with which the card 226 moves along the media feed path.Optionally the data track is printed with infrared ink, the light-emitting device emits light in the infrared spectrum and the photosensor is sensitive in the infrared spectrum.Optionally the read direction is orientated at about 90 degrees with respect to the print direction.Configuring the drive shaft so that the trailing edge of the media carries past the printhead by momentum will allow full bleed printing using a single feed roller for a compact design.Optionally a print medium further including coded data containing second information encoded in accordance with a second encoding scheme distinct from the linear encoding scheme, wherein the first information is indicative of the second information.

As previously shown in FIGS. 19 and 21, the cradle 124 is an elongate U-shaped moulding defining a channel that is dimensioned to closely correspond to the dimensions of the print cartridge 148.A tamper resistant label 222 is applied to prevent casual interference with the print cartridge 148.In a first aspect the present invention provides a cartridge for use in a mobile device including.Optionally determining the movement during printing includes using the processing means to perform the steps of.If the back side of the card is blank and printable, then substantially the entire back side of the card can be coded with Netpage tags to allow a Netpage sensing device to interact with the card subsequent to printing.

The minimal media coding is designed to be read during printing rather than prior to printing.A selection of the possible configurations and their associated advantages is set out below with reference to the schematic representations shown in FIGS. 115 to 120.

Note that a trusted authenticator can always perform fragment verification, so fragment verification is always possible when on-line access to a trusted authenticator is available.The parameters should be understood in the context of the entire document.Whilst in the preferred form the print medium is a card generated by the mobile device or another mobile device, it can also be a commercially pre-printed card that is purchased or otherwise provided as part of a commercial transaction.In the preferred form, the Kip encoded data is printed in infrared ink, rendering it invisible or at least difficult to see with the unaided eye.

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The constructor that takes a reference to the module and the slot ID.Such interfaces can be pre-printed and bundled with a phone, purchased separately (as a way of customizing phone operation, similar to ringtones and themes) or printed on demand where the phone incorporates a printer.