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EZ Off Lifter® pallet positioners are the ultimate ergonomic solution for loading or. Low Profile Positioner with Pallet Truck. Product Reviews.IF you would have provided the facts of the company from the beginning that you were ripped off by, you would not have come across as a bitter person looking to have another agenda.Although MyCasinoFranchise and Online Casino Biz both offer an online turnkey casino business solution and advertise on the same franchise portals, everything from the product to marketing services we offer are completely different.

These reputation companies have bloggers post negative info regarding a company in order to charge the company a fee to have them removed.Aka Jim Lesher who has falsely slandered and defamed MCF on this website and others under the following names below.

Unfortunately I have to expose some posts as frauds regarding us in order to maintain the outstanding integrity of our company as this is the only avenue others have to try to obtain credibility in this industry.EZ Drinker Shot Spinning Roulette Game Set. Blue Ridge Product Solutions,. EZ-ROULETTE; Average Customer Review:.ANYONE can go on these sites unchallenged and write whatever they want in order to damage a company or try to enhance there own agenda.Well ONLINE gambling is not illegal in the US and anyone can have a site.I can say with confidence that this does not appear to be a trustworthy business.At the very least, I would look into opportunities with companies elsewhere in order to avoid ever needing to have contact with this rude and blatantly crass individual.I have continued to meet all of your conditions despite all your insults, threats and promises.Oh. they you are Joe. i ve been trying to call for almost 3 weeks now an no one from corprate has called back.Nothing like contradicting yourself in order to self promote your own agenda.

So we have pursued the legal route for the false posts and defamation of MyCasinoFracnhise made by Jim Lesher.Why he thinks posting false and defamatory information about others is good for his business is beyond me.

Jim, If I stepped on any toes here I apologize for putting my 2 cents in.The truly sad part is that they advertise with other legit companies on franchise websites as if they are offering you a wonderful wholesome opportunity on sites geared toward women and veterans.You are one person out of 6000 who is trying to lead people to believe we are a scam.

Contact Pissed Consumer Write a review about EZ Casino Solutions.Jim Lesher has claimed that MyCasinoFranchise is hurting for business which is untrue and without merit.

This is what happens when you have someone copying another company web site to go into business and they think that makes them a credible business.He has been exposed as a fraud and a NUT who has been posting this garbage and NO proof to back it up.Not only are you a bad liar which we can prove by your own words you talk out of both sides of your mouth.Its up to the consumer if they what to hear what I have to say and if they want to do business with you.

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See reviews, photos,. Phoenix, AZ Casinos. About Search Results. Manufacturer of custom casino tables and game room furniture.Sadly, he continues to make this thread about us to deflect the fact that this thread was started solely by his pissed off customers.I went with another company that is very legit, no negative feedback that I can find, and has a website with tons of info.

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We have requested pissed consumer keep this page live despite its truthful content.

Hellopeter is South Africa's top reviews company. Read reviews online from our community and rate, review and interact with SA's top companies.I am still checking my PayPal everyday to see if you did or not.I will stop when I get my refund.I have never refused a phone call from you and have logged over 4 messages to you lawyer.I have told you in several emails that the counter suit will be much worse.There is one person that claims to be a client of any company and he gets ripped off by My Casino franchise.